Twin City Tea Party Founder and Massachusetts State Representative hopeful Justin A. Brooks of Leominster hasn't always had the squeaky clean persona that he presents as a Tea Party leader and on his Facebook page. His original claim to fame was his prominent position in the New England rave scene as a Hardcore DJ. Below is an interview with DJ Megrim that appeared on the Raver's Only website. It was recently deleted from the site, but you can still view it in Google's cache of the original. The photos scattered throughout are from the original post in 2002, as well as some dating through April 2003, when Brooks was 28 years old and still involved with the scene. These are not the ramblings of a teenager, but of a man nearing 30 years old, with values far from what you'd expect from someone with traditional values.

Which Justin Brooks will the voters get if he's elected State Representative of the Massachusetts 4th Worcester District - Leominster?



Interview With DJ Megrim [Justin Brooks] from Ravers Only, January, 2002




I play hardcore. We don't usually have residencies

Most memorable performance:

I had a blast at Hell (second part of a duel show entitled Heaven & Hell). I was right on with some sick shit and my buddy Rob Gee finally got to hear me play.

justin-brooks-yelling-state-representative-2012"…I will have to kik the scene a new A$$hole... old school style. lol."Justin Brooks, 2002

Who has influenced you the most and why?

I would have to say all the US Hardcore DJs out there. If it was not for their influence I would have never have been exposed to the brilliance of the genre. Luckily for me, most of the people who influenced me the most, I have recently become good friends with.

What time of night do you like to perform and why?

I don't usually mind playing any time slot as long as it is at least sometime after 10:30 - 11:00 PM. Hardcore is a genre of music that thrives on energy, and if it is played earlier than that, then it really looses something. Most promoters are smart enough to realize this fact, but every now and then you come across one that has no clue how to deal with Hardcore.

How often do you go to raves just to party?

Depends on what you call parting [sic]. If I am not DJing, I am usually managing various events around NE. When I am not doing that, I usually find myself doing the PR thing. I am always running around doing something. I never go to shows and party like I did when I first got into the scene, but I like what I am doing now better anyhow.

What do you think of our scene right now?

It is pretty good. There has been a controversy about whether the scene is getting too commercialized or not, but I feel that it is doing just fine right now. Some of the DJs are playing styles that appeal to the average "MTV" crowd, but there is still a large contingency of people who love the underground styles of music. I feel that promoters should represent all genres of electronic dance music when they decide to throw a party. This way the people who are new to the scene and are going just to see the mainstream DJs might wander into another room that is playing something more underground and develop an appreciation for it. This is how the scene grows. Though I would get really disgusted if MTV became one of the major production companies for electronic dance music. That is when I will have to kik [sic] the scene a new A$$hole... old school style. lol.

justin-brooks-dj-table-state-rep"Delirium executes the sickest turntable tricks I have ever seen done over Hardcore."Justin Brooks, at 27 years old

What is the largest crowd you have performed for?

I am not sure. I know one thing though, there was a packed crowd at a bunch of my shows. I just never really had the time to count heads while I am playing.

Who is your favorite performer and why?

Hmmmm... Hard to say. I have always felt that every person has their own special quality which warrants my respect. Rob Gee has the best stage presence I have ever seen. Delta 9's track selection is damn near untouchable. Delirium executes the sickest turntable tricks I have ever seen done over Hardcore. Lenny Dee is the godfather of it all, and his mixing is fantastic. Omar Santana has produced some of the greatest tracks ever, while establishing one of the best record labels out there today. All these guys are great people and have done so much for the hardcore scene. I just hope one day young, aspiring DJs will include me in their list of inspirations.

What genre do you think gets the crowd moving the most?

Hardcore of course!! I have never seen people move like they do when they listen to Hardcore. It is a genre defined by strength and power, so when the kids get tired they don't sit down... they muster up what little strength they have left and throw themselves into the pit again. There is no other genre of music that can create that kind of response in an individual. That is why I love it wholeheartedly!!

justin-brooks-red-bull-hardcore"when the kids get tired they don't sit down... […] and throw themselves into the pit again." 2012 State Representative Hopeful Justin Brooks

Is there someone special in your life and if so, tell me about them.

Nope, but I really wish there was. I just find it hard to establish a relationship with someone when I am constantly going out to shows every weekend. No matter what anyone believes, this kind of lifestyle does have it's downsides. But if there is any ladies out there who can live with my kind of lifestyle, feel free to contact me. lol.

What do you think about the war we are in right now?

I am definitely more of a Hawk than a Dove. I have a lot of close friends in NYC who went through a lot of shit during the whole incident. I had the chance to talk with a few New Yorkers about the whole thing, and their stories got me more and more upset about the whole matter. I feel that the damn bleeding heart liberals should spend a week at ground zero excavating the remains of their fellow Americans and then see how they feel about the whole Bombing campaign. This is not a war between BinLadin and America, it is a war between uncivilized cultures and modernized societies. This is not just an attack on New York, it was an attack against any society who is willing to modernize themselves into the 21st century. We cannot stand for this kind of tyranny.

justin-brooks-hunched-2012-twin-city-tea-party"… the damn bleeding heart liberals should spend a week at ground zero excavating the remains of their fellow Americans and then see how they feel […] it is a war between uncivilized cultures and modernized societies. […] it was an attack against any society who is willing to modernize themselves into the 21st century." Twin City Tea Party Founder Justin Brooks

Has the war we are in affected any of your scheduled play dates?

Nope, but it did prevent us from booking Delta 9 for one of our shows out here. I was pissed.

Do you go with a set routine or go with the crowd?

Depends. I check to see what the crowd is doing and whether or not they are into it. I usually know what records I want to play and pick form them. Sometimes I play tracks that I like even though I know the crowd may not be into it. For instance, there was this record by Randy 909 Recordings which remixed the song played in Dario Argento's 1977 masterpiece Suspiria (an Italian horror film which everyone should rent when they have the chance). I threw the track down during one of my shows and it cleared the dance floor. I was really pissed, anyone who saw the movie would have loved the song, but I guess no one saw it. lol. I guess sometimes you win, some times you loose.

When was the last time you messed up a mix?

Hard to say. I am nit picky. Sometimes things don't go exactly the way I would like them to and I get pissed at myself, but the people did not notice a thing and continue cheering on. More noticeable problems occur when I am playing on shitty equipment. I once had a crossfader bleed over on me while I was cueing up a record. I had some kid come up to me afterwards and say "Awesome set, except for that backspin you tried to do." I felt like punching the kid in the face, then the promoter for giving me such shitty equipment. lol.

How long have you been performing and what got you into it?

I have been performing for around 2 1/2 years. I just liked the energy of electronic dance music so I deiced to buy some DJing equipment. Since then it has been off and on, but once I got into Hardcore, it has been nothing but full steam ahead baby!!!

Who is your favorite performer to follow on stage and why?

I dunno. All the people I have followed have been great (except a few, but I will not get into that). I really like to follow DJs who play hard house or hard techno, this way I can elevate the crowd to the next level. Following hardcore DJs is also fun, but I like bringing the crowd up, not maintaining what the previous DJ has already established.

Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it, and how did you get it?

Nope. (sorry about the one word answer, but I really do not know what to say, lol)

justin-brooks-red-bull-dj-megrim"People around here know that I am the most adamant spokesperson for hardcore in the New England area." Justin Brooks, in an interview with

How has your music changed throughout the years?

I was first exposed to Trance believe it or not. I started buying a few trance records but I noticed very quickly that the records I was buying really sucked but had really aggressive base lines. I amassed a decent collection and did not want to reinvest more the money into expanding into a new genre of music, so my turntables collected dust for around 3 months. Finally, my friend was selling his Hardcore collection and I found that this was the perfect opportunity to get into the genre I was lusting for. Since I started playing I have bought 3 Hardcore collections, even a lot of 221 records from DJ Hardware from back in the days when he spun hardcore. I guess I have been lucky.

What is your favorite thing about performing?

The crowd! It is great when you look out there and see that all these people love what you are throwing down. I also love the music... People around here know that I am the most adamant spokesperson for hardcore in the New England area. I listen to it when I wake up, I listen to it during the day, I listen to it falling asleep. Everyone in the scene up here thinks I am crazy.... Maybe they are right....

junstin-brooks-hardcore-hat-massachusetts"Everyone in the scene up here thinks I am crazy… Maybe they are right…"Justin Brooks, sporting "HARDCORE 4 LIFE"

How did you acquire your stage name?

Find a really good dictionary then look my name up. You will be surprised with what you find.

Do you have another job? If so what is it?

I work for Red Bull during the week doing Sales/Marketing. I love the product, and I love the job. I could not ask for anything more except maybe more free time, but who doesn't need that. lol.

"SING JINGLE BELLS"(If you don't know, don't ask. It will only scare the shit out of you. lol)


Megrim, and soon to be MegrimATLOD (And The Legions Of Darkness).

I want to include everyone who has ever enjoyed my sets and supported me through the years. I figure the least I could do is mention them in my name.Styles: Hardcore baby!!!!!!!!!! I toy around with jungle (which really helped my hardcore mixing), but I am not serious about it.Affiliations: True Productions, Shy Productions, and I have strong ties with NATAS productions